Top 7 Ways to Modernize Your Office Space

Stuck in a boring office? Not to fear! We’ve got 6 cool ways to modernize any boring office space in a hurry. From painting those dull taupe walls to adding modern office furniture, the simple tips and ideas in this article are sure to spice up your workplace. Enjoy!

Little details like the wall color of your office make a big difference. From office common areas like the waiting rooms to the conference room, making a great first impression can be greatly impacted through the use of color! In order to modernize any work environment, the first step is picking a color that showcases your business ingenuity and accents your furniture layout. Working with an interior design team is always an option. However, for those with a limited budget a simple trip to the paint store to pick up swatches will get you started on the right track. Pick a weekend to host a corporate painting party and build some team morale while enhancing your workplace! Top office paint colors of 2013 include light blues, greens, and darker finishes such as red and teal. As a simple rule of thumb, areas using dark wood finishes will use lighter colors and those with lighter woods will use darker paint tones for a complimentary look.

Wall Art

If your office can’t afford a Picasso you’re not alone! However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add some flair to those empty wall spaces with affordable modern art. Popular home stores like Kirklands, Homegoods, Kohles, and Target all offer cool framed pictures that are sure to add extra appeal to any office area. Remember, the little details make the biggest difference! Adding unique paintings, sconces, or even framed black and white photos show business sophistication that speaks volumes to your valued clientele. Some businesses even hire photographers to take awesome modern pictures of their products to highlight their brand. While this can be expensive, affordable options are definitely out there that should be taken advantage of in your attempt to modernize your office decor.

Lighting Fixtures

Traditional overhead office lighting just isn’t cool! Those boring fluorescent bulbs drain energy and do little to nothing for your corporate aesthetics. Utilizing cool lighting for office applications like executive spaces, reception areas, and guest waiting rooms will add ample wow factor and modern appeal. Unique products like the Solstice LED Desk Lamp by ESI also add versatility to any space as a dual purpose device that offers a USB charging port for guests and business professionals. The use of LED lighting is also a great way to keep those hefty electrical bills in check. As a side tip, if you have the ability to let natural light in, it’s always a plus! Organic lighting makes any space look bigger and more attractive, especially if your office has a view.

Go Ergo

The top ergonomic products for sale in 2013 all offer unique modern appeal and workplace benefits sure to improve your overall efficiency. From the executive office to the boardroom, unique products like keyboard trays that adjust are available to meet your specific needs and budget. Using an articulating arm for two monitors in your receptionist’s workstation will allow them to multi task more effectively saving time, and thus saving your business money. Ergonomic furniture such as height adjustable desks and conference tables with power options are also loaded with modern style and benefits that will help your business move in the the modern age of functionality.

Get Organized

All to often office work spaces are over cluttered and in need of major organizing. Unfortunately for most businesses, time spent organizing is all but lost as in a few short weeks it’s needed again! If you’re tired of this happening in your workplace it’s time to get professional organized once and for all. While good organizing habits and structure are absolutely essential, modern products are available that will aid you in your quest to keep your workstation clean. Brands like Mayline offer high density metal file cabinets that rotate while brands like OFM offer unique desk side storage solutions and over head hutch cabinets that help you maximize your office square footage. Dual purpose products like mobile pedestals with seat cushions offer modern appeal that serves two purposes for the price of one. It’s not big secret that an organized space is more attractive than the latter. When attempting to modernize your workplace, cleaning and organizing effectively is a must!

Open Desking Over Traditional Cubicles

Cubicles will always have their place in business. However, open desking is modernizing the way we work and function in a major way. Innovative furniture layouts from lines like the e5 Series by Mayline offer improved storage, openness, ergonomic value, and of course modern appeal. While cubicles offer privacy, a modern open desking configuration promotes group interaction and communication. No longer will the office floor feel like an over cluttered and confined space! An open layout is sure to maximize your office square footage potential while it’s modularity offers long term cost effectiveness with room for growth in the future. In a nut shell, these modern solutions will make your space look bigger and more modern while making your employees more efficient.

Modern Office Seating

Office seating should be a main focal point of any space. With dozens of new models released every month you’ll be at no shortage of cutting edge solutions to outfit your business with. In 2013, office chairs with modern style are more popular than ever. Long time favorites like the Metrus 4517L-3 Chair by Global offer state of the art ergonomic features highlighted by a leather upholstery and chrome frame. Those looking for more affordable solutions will love products like the B6286 mesh task chair by Boss for their office space. A quality modern office chair can cost as little as $200 while top of the line models can cost well into the thousands. Meeting with a healthcare professional or seating expert will provide valuable insight as to what chairs will work best for your specific needs and body type while still providing the modern look you desire.